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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Crash the Yard?
We rent yard signs and marquee letters/numbers, and we like to refer to ourselves as a “make
people happy” business. We place all types of special occasion signs on people’s front yards,
putting them on display for everyone to see.


Who typically orders a yard sign or marquee letter(s) for display?
The displays are usually ordered by a family member or friend who wants to surprise a loved-
one with a special celebratory message that may include birthday wishes, anniversary wishes,
new baby arrival announcements, graduation announcements, special thank you messages,
welcome home messages and much more. The messaging possibilities are endless.


What is a yard sign made of?
The signs are generally made from sheets of high quality 4mm corrugated plastic which makes
them waterproof and reusable. They can be displayed indoors or outdoors.


What are the marquee letters and numbers made of?
The marquee letters and numbers are made of wood. They must be plugged into an outlet to
light up and illuminate your event. They can be displayed indoors or outdoors. They may not
be placed outdoors in the event of heavy rain or in climate weather.


Where do you place the displays?
We place them on the yard where they can be seen for optimal viewing. They are usually
placed closer to the house and away from the street. If you would like them placed in a certain
area of the lawn, you may specify location on the booking request form.


When do you setup and pick-up the displays?
We setup the displays at the time you specify on the booking form. We pick them up 24 hours
after the event.


Can I keep the displays?
No, we rent the displays for a 24-hour period for your celebrations. You may choose to keep
the displays for additional days for a fee.


Does anyone need to be present for the set up or pick-up?
No one needs to be present for setup or pick-up. We do all the work!

How much prep time is needed to set up the display?

We recommend setup at least 1-2 hours before the event starts to ensure a high quality display.

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